Foster a love of dance in an enthusiastic and positive environment. As a student, your child will grow their confidence and abilities, no matter what their aspirations are. Start with a free trial week today!



The classes are designed to improve the children’s confidence and co-ordination and develop their social skills. Using an array of props and lively music, guarantee to capture the children’s imagination.

Mini classes allow your child to foster social interactions, encourage focus, introduce discipline and develop their strength and technique in a fun, active environment. Whether they will go on to tackle higher levels in the same dance style or try a few different classes to see what they like best, ADA will support your child through their performing arts education.

Ignite a passion for Dance, Creation and Performance in your child by enrolling them in our mini classes.

45 mins/class



From Creation Movement to Ballet – there’s a perfect class for your 6 to 7 year old child.

These grades are the introductory levels of the RAD's graded examination syllabus. This program develop the students physical skills, stamina, creativity, express and musicality using a range of sounds and musical styles. This foundation prepares students for a successful transition to ballet and other dance genres at high levels.

At ADA, we have the energy and passion to enrich your child’s development in a friendly and supportive environment.

 1 hour/class


(8-10 YEARS OLD)

Ideally children start with Pre-Primary and Primary before moving on to Grade 1 at around age of 7. 

Our classes focus on Classical Ballet exercises to improve posture, coordination and control incorporate free movement steps, giving students the chance to create their own sequences, and character dance to explore different dance styles and rhythms. 

Join us to develop your skills and express yourself through dance!

Class Duration:
 1 hour/class, 2 classes/week


(11-12 YEARS OLD)

Grade 6 to 8 Examinations in Dance Syllabus consists of three dance disciplines: 

*Ballet - the foundation and the most important part of the syllabus.
*Free Movement - influenced by and incorporating movements in common with other dance styles such as Natural Movement, Contemporary and Classical Greek Dance. 
*Character Dance - the theatrical presentation of national dance using original ethnic dance and music which has been freely adapted for the theatre. Styles selected because of their historic importance in the development of the nineteenth century full-length classical ballets.

Class Duration:
 2hour/class, 2 classes/week


(13-15 YEARS OLD)

The Vocational Graded Examinations in Dance Syllabus provides an in-depth study of ballet, developing students’ technique, music and performance skills and introduces pointe work for female candidates.

This highly-focused and practical training prepares students for a dance, or dance-related, career. The syllabi are appropriate for students from the age of 11 years. Students wishing to study for Vocational Graded examinations should have the maturity and technical aptitude for demanding study.

The levels included: Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced Foundation, Advanced 1 and Advanced 2

Class Duration:
1.5hour/class, 3 classes/week

Adult Ballet

Arising Dance Academy is delighted to offer an enriching selection of Adult Ballet classes. 

Learners have the option of taking regulated examinations recognised at the following levels on the UK qualifications framework:
Level 2 (equivalent to Grade 5/Intermediate Foundation standard)
Level 3 (equivalent to Grades 6-8/Intermediate & Advanced Foundation standard)
Level 4 (equivalent to Advanced 1 & 2 standard)

Discovering Repertoire will deliver satisfaction which adults want to be challenged, to progress, and to feel a sense of achievement by enabling all to learn and dance the ballet repertoire and be assessed in smaller, more manageable and less intimidating units of work.

 1 hour/class

Contemporary Dance

Arising Dance Academy is excited to present CSTD Contemporary Dance syllabus and Rambert Grades.

The CSTD syllabus which is the “Jason Winters Contemporary Technique”, a comprehensive Contemporary Dance syllabus. Its technique and structure is designed in the most classical and academic way and infused with choreographic electricity used in today’s most commercial settings. This syllabus consists of seven levels providing a comprehensive collection of training philosophies and exercises for contemporary movements.

The Rambert Grade:
A new and inclusive Contemporary Dance syllabus created by two of the world’s leading contemporary dance organisations: Rambert School and Rambert Company. The syllabus was developed by industry experts with additional solo material created by internationally renowned choreographers Hofesh Shechter OBE, Alesandra Seutin and Benoit Swan Pouffer. Training is accessible to all ages, abilities and bodies regardless or prior experience of formal dance training. Rambert Grades teachers are taught to promote a safe environment for students to develop lifelong skills.

 1 hour/class


In Arising Dance Academy, our Modern Jazz is based on CSTD syllabus. This is a training syllabus combining strength & flexibility, & incorporating rhythmic & stylish elements of ballet, lyrical, contemporary & commercial jazz styles.

The Modern Jazz Syllabus released in 2004 comprises 11 Grades (includes 2 optional preliminary grades) plus 2 stage exams, a Teachers’ Certificate & Teachers’ Diploma. Fifteen levels are now available.

The syllabus caters for children from 5 years up, including warm up, stretching exercises, turns, leaps and pirouette exercises, increasing in difficulty with each level. Each grade has a dance created by a different, well-known choreographer, providing a variety of styles of study for the student each year. This helps prepare the student for a professional dance career or a teaching diploma.

 1 hour/class


K-Pop dance combines elements of hip-hop and jazz, choreographed specifically to Korean pop music. The choreography often incorporates catchy and repetitive movements that complement the song's lyrics. Engaging in K-Pop dance not only offers a physical workout but also cultivates mental resilience.

 1 hour/class

CLassical Chinese dance

Chinese classical dance integrates movements and forms from martial arts and traditional opera, placing special emphasis on the role of the eyes in performance, coordinated breathing, rhythmic and aesthetic sensibilities, as well as a unique blend of strength and flexibility in the Eastern style, captivating its audience.

Its main components include Shen Yun (spiritual bearing), Shen Fa (physical expression), and techniques. In ADA, we will train students from basic and fundamental technique and skills.

 1 hour/class

Tai Chi

Content Coming Soon

 1 hour/class

Operation Hours:

Monday to Sunday : 9 a.m. - 10p.m.


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