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Steve Goh ARAD PDTD RAD - Accomplished Dancer, Choreographer, and Registered Dance Educator

Steve Goh, an esteemed native of Sabah, is a multi-talented artist renowned for his extraordinary contributions to the dance world. Grounded in a rich tapestry of cultural experiences and driven by an unyielding commitment to his craft, Steve has firmly established himself as a monumental figure in the global dance community.

Earning a full scholarship to the prestigious Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts, Steve rigorously honed his skills and cultivated a deep-seated passion for dance. This pivotal educational experience served as the cornerstone for a career filled with accolades and achievements.

Recent Awards and Recognitions (2023):
- 1st Prize at the CSTD 10th Malaysia Dance Competition, Contemporary Dance Duo Open Category (with Ms. Charmaine)
- Best Duo's Awards, CSTD 10th Malaysia Dance Competition
- 1st Prize at APDC 2023, Contemporary Duo's Open (with Ms. Charmaine)
- Outstanding Teacher Awards

Long celebrated as one of Malaysia's preeminent male dancers, Steve's artistic repertoire is embellished with multiple wins at the esteemed BOH Cameronian Arts Awards. These include accolades for:

- Best Performer
- Best Choreographer in a Mixed Bill
- Best Choreographer in a Feature-Length Work
- Best Group Ensemble

Beyond his extensive list of awards, Steve's artistry is characterized by a visionary and dedicated approach. A perpetual innovator, he is fervently committed to expanding the scope of the dance world, both through private initiatives and community-focused programs. His artistic influence extends far beyond the stage; it resonates in the lives he enriches through dance.

Steve's prolific career has led him to perform on stages and collaborate with dance companies across the globe. From Austria to Australia, Belgium to China, and Paris to Taiwan, his international presence is marked by exceptional artistry and cultural relevance.

Furthermore, Steve complements his performance career with an influential role in dance education. As a Registered Teacher with the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD), he shares his expansive knowledge and fervor for dance with aspiring artists, nurturing the next wave of dance talent.

In the ever-evolving world of the arts, Steve Goh remains a paragon of dedication, creativity, and innovation. His illustrious journey is a testament to his unyielding commitment to his craft, a commitment that continues to inspire and mesmerize audiences worldwide.

Choo Hui Min ARAD, RAD - Accomplished Dancer and Certified Ballet Educator

Choo Hui Min, an artist of distinguished talent and expertise, has left an indelible mark on the landscape of dance. With a focus on ballet, her accomplishments in the discipline serve as a testament to her dedication and finesse, both as a performer and educator.

Attaining completion of the Royal Academy of Dance Ballet Examination until Advanced 2, Choo Hui Min has proven herself to be an accomplished dancer of the highest caliber. This pinnacle of skill comes as no surprise, given her steadfast dedication to mastering the art of ballet.

Educational Milestones:

Certified in Ballet Teaching Study (CBTS) from London, 2019
With a teaching career spanning over a decade, Choo Hui Min brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the classroom. Her pedagogical journey reached a significant milestone in 2019 when she completed her Ballet Teaching Studies in London, thereby earning her Certificate in Ballet Teaching Study (CBTS) qualification.

Beyond her teaching credentials, Choo Hui Min is an active presence in the dance community, lending her talents to the WuXu Dance Troupe and taking part in the planning and execution of dance events, performances, and showcases.

Competition Achievements:

Sent students to various national and international competitions including Malaysia International Grand Prix (MIBGP), Hong Kong Dance Challenge Cup (HKDCC), Malaysia Challenge Cup Dance Competition (MCCDC), and Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing (CSTD)

- 1st Prize at the CSTD 10th Malaysia Dance Competition 2023, Contemporary Dance Duo Open Category (with Mr. Steve)
- Best Duo's Awards, CSTD 10th Malaysia Dance Competition 2023
- 1st Prize at APDC 2023, Contemporary Duo's Open (with Mr. Steve)

In 2023, Choo Hui Min further solidified her reputation as an elite dancer by participating in the CSTD and Asia Pacific Dance Competition (APDC) alongside Mr. Steve. The duo's exquisite synergy culminated in first-place honors for the Contemporary Dance Duo Open Category, not only at the CSTD 10th Malaysia Dance Competition but also at the APDC. Their collaborative brilliance was additionally recognized with Best Duo's Awards.

In a realm as dynamic and ever-changing as the dance industry, Choo Hui Min stands as an epitome of both skill and dedication. Her multifaceted roles as a dancer, teacher, and organizer highlight a career that is nothing short of inspirational, driving the next generation of dancers toward excellence.

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